3 Issues For Overseas Property Owners

August 20, 2014 7:09 pm Published by

It can be very exciting to purchase overseas property. But most people don’t think about the issues that can arise.

1. Maintenance

If you have friends or family locally, you might be safe. But imagine finding out that the beautiful villa you purchased has a major leak in the roof, or that the pipes burst, or even that there are some kind of local termite or ant wreaking havoc on your house.  Without proper connections, you might incur massive costs on the maintenance of your new property.

2. Safety

No country or town or village is without crime.  You definitely don’t want to find out that criminals have set up shop on the corner of your field, or that local teens have vandalised the buildings.  If your property is deserted much of the year, it is an easy target for troublemakers.  This makes it unsafe for you and your guests when you stop by – and not exactly a place that the good guys in the neighborhood will look on fondly.

3. Hidden Costs

This is a huge one.  You may think you’ve thought of all the possible expenses when buying the property.  But did you know that in some instances, you might get taxed in both your primary country AND the country where you’ve purchased property?  Before signing on the dotted line, talk to us. We can help you make sure you won’t be surprised by hidden costs – or nasty maintenance issues or bribery fees.

So while you’re checking out potential investment properties, give us a call to discuss your options.  We’ll help you make sure that you get something you love without the extra headaches.  Then you can enjoy going to visit that overseas property.

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