Goal Setting, And Three Things You Can Do

March 27, 2015 9:21 am Published by

When focusing on growing your Business, it’s important to consider your Goal Setting.

The way you set your Goals, both Personal and Business, determine how you work towards them. Let’s take the traditional model of setting a goal.

Year 1 : Turnover £100,000

Year 2: Turnover £220,000

Year 3: Turnover £500,000

These Goals, whilst good because they’re fixed targets, can actually be hugely de-motivating. Let’s say, for example, you hit your year 1 target relatively easily. But 6 months into Year 2, you’re still nowhere near your target. This is de-motivating; especially if you get to 9 months, and you’re still way off target – you almost get the mentality of giving up on the goal altogether, focusing on trying again for the next year.

The problem with this, is this is the way we have been educated to set our goals, over an annual period… but to grow your Business, you need shorter-term goals that don’t rely on you having to predict what the status of your sales book will be in 18 months (if you’re that good at predicting, please, come and work for me).

We make educated guesses, but that’s all they are. Guesses.

So here are three things you can do to help transform your Business.

1. Forget the “financial year”. Operate on 12 week cycles. Treat each 12 weeks as a whole year in terms of your targets, hopes and dreams. This works for your Personal life, as well as your Business life. This way, if you get half way through the cycle, and you’re way off target, you’ve only got 6 weeks instead of 6 months to go, before the cycle starts again. Psychologically this is far less de-motivating. The importance is you stick to this though; if you miss your targets you’ll be tempted to go back to the way it was. Don’t. Change is hard, but when you’ve made it through to the other side you’ll be running a whole different type of Business.

2. Implement. This is the biggest driving factor for any Business in terms of Growth. Actually implementing new Marketing strategies and ideas. The end result is the more you try, the more you succeed. Yes, there will be more failure to, but the point is you have to keep trying and not be de-motivated. I like to think of it this way: there is no such thing as failure. Because in truth, you cannot control results. You can only control your actions.

3. Delegate, Outsource, Automate. This is hugely important for building a long term scalable Business. You need to let go of handling specific tasks. This is crucial to you building a Business. If your Business is dependent on you to operate, you don’t have a Business. You must delegate tasks away from you, which may including outsourcing. Automating your Marketing and other areas of your Business is critical, because with Automation (especially when it comes to your Marketing side) you simply get a flow of leads/Customers to your door.

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