Manage UK property from overseas

January 30, 2014 3:32 pm Published by

Thirty years ago, owning UK property and managing it from overseas was a huge undertaking.  The possible expenses and problems that could arise, the potential unexpected travel back and forth, and the complete trust you would have to place in a person you may not know very well to keep an eye on the property while you were away, could frighten even the bravest investor from purchasing.

But these days things are different.  Technology has opened up a whole new world!  Things like Skype, texting photos and videos, and even Google Earth, can help you personally keep an eye on things while you’re away.  There are more travel options now than there used to be.

And, our personal favorite, even the financial details can be managed in the cloud.  You can live in Mexico and talk to your accountant in the UK at any hour. You can view reports and account details at the same time just by logging in to a website.

So if you’ve considered purchasing property, not to worry. We’ve got the right tools to help you get the right property for you – and keep it (and your finances) safe.

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