Online Marketing Metrics

January 16, 2015 8:56 am Published by

It’s fair to say that many Businesses don’t know how successful their online marketing actually is. Well, here are a few metrics which could help you measure your online marketing success

New Business and Increased Revenue

Clearly, this is the obvious sign of a successful marketing campaign. Whilst driving traffic to your site, advertising on social media platforms and undertaking other various online strategies are all steps in the right direction, the main goal is to grow your business. i.e. more cash in the bank.

When you see an increase in new business and revenue from leads which you know originated from a specific online campaign, it’s a safe bet that your online marketing is successful. However, if you aren’t gaining new business opportunities as a result of your marketing efforts, it might be time to re-evaluate. For instance, if you notice an increase in the amount of traffic to your website, but not a higher number of inbound leads, it might be time for a rethink. It could be your Website Design, it could be the copy on your Website, or an even more simple explanation is it could just be that your calls to action aren’t right. Sometimes having a button quite big, in a prominent position of the right colour can make a big difference.

Followers and Shares 

Followers and Shares are not something to be strongly focused on. They’re helpful, sometimes, but don’t get too caught up on it. Social Media Marketing is more about running Advertisements on Social Media than it is making posts and getting likes/shares. The most successful Social Media Campaigns tend to be paid for, rather than viral. A viral campaign is something we can all wish for, especially if your business to consumer, but it’s extremely rare. You might as well play the lottery.

Website Traffic

A primary goal of online marketing is to drive traffic to your website. But there are two things to be aware of here. If you’re running online “Pay Per Click” campaigns, don’t just send them to your home page. Send them to a relevant section of your website (with a clear call to action).

Secondly, it is essential to know what your traffic numbers are prior to any campaign. If your website begins to see more traffic after the initiation of a campaign, this is a good indicator that your marketing efforts are working. Monitor the sources of your inbound traffic to identify the sites or pieces of content that are bringing in the most traffic, and use this information to plan future campaigns.

Inbound Leads

One thing to be very clear about: you must know where your inbound leads come from. Not only is measuring the success of your overall online marketing campaign important, but it’s equally important to understand what exactly online you’re doing is working. Traditionally, the best performing strategies include Pay Per Click advertising, Video, and Email Marketing.


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