Why You Should Outsource Your Projects

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With technology opening up so many flexible options for people, it’s becoming more and more acceptable for companies to outsource their work and hire contractors.  Here are a few compelling reasons why this is a bandwagon you should jump on.

Specialised Skills

You actually have the opportunity to assign a project to someone with a specific set of skills that are perfect for that project.  No need to cross your fingers and knock on wood that they’ll at least hit the ball within the park somewhere.  Sure, it’s natural to ask for a few edits, no one’s perfect.  But at least you’ll be hiring someone to do something you know they’re good at.

Short Term Options

Sometimes it’s just a busy season, or someone’s on maternity leave, or you have a short-term client adding to the work load.  You could hire a regular employee, but then you’ll have the burden of paying that employee when there isn’t enough work for them – or letting them go.  Outsourced employees expect projects to be one-offs, or short term commitments.  Save yourself a little time and headache by bringing someone in for a little while.  Just be clear what you expect the time frame to be so that they can plan accordingly.

No Overhead

This is one of the biggest benefits.  You don’t have to deal with sick pay, health insurance, taxes, or any other costs associated with having an employee on staff.  You simply pay a fee for a project to be done, end of story.  How easy is that?


There are a lot of benefits built into this. You can hire anyone anywhere in the world – literally.  You don’t have to worry about office space or technology for them. You don’t have to worry about whether they will show up to work on time every day, or if they’ll contribute the right amount at meetings. It’s simple: you give them a deadline and a clear project expectation, and you wait for them to deliver.

As you explore the world of outsourcing, you’ll find that the benefits of finding the right contractors far outweigh the costs of hiring unnecessary staff, or trying to parcel out the work to your already busy staff.

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